Honors and Awards:

  1. 九十八年中國電機工程學會「傑出電機工程教授獎」。

  2. Advise Ph. D. student Dr. C. J. Chen (陳瓊璋) to win 2005 Acer Long-Term  Thesis Award.

    Thesis title “A Network Perspective Investigation of MIMO Antenna Techniques in Multiuser Scheduling and TDD/CDMA Systems.”


  3. Advise student Mr. Lei Chen to win paper contest of the 2004 Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering with greatest praise. (指導學生獲得2004 電機工程師協會碩士論文獎)

    Thesis title “On the Performance of Downlink Power Allocation Mechanisms and Soft Handoff for Supporting High Bit Rate Multimedia Services in CDMA Systems”


  4. Advise student Mr. Kun-Jiin Hsieh (謝昆謹) to win the 2003 Best Master Thesis Award from NSC, Taiwan.

    Thesis title: “Performance Evaluation of Time Hopped Ultra-Wide System with Transmit Diversity and Frequency Hopped Hierarchical CDMA System with Spectrum Sharing.” (指導學生獲得2003 國科會碩士論文獎)


  5. The 1997 IEEE Jack Neubauer Memorial Award for the Best Paper of the Year Published by the Vehicular Technology Society on the Subject of Vehicular Technology Systems.


2009 IEEE Information Theory Society Chapter of the Year Award (Served as Chapter Chair from 2007 ~ 2009)

2009 IEEE MGA Outstanding Large Section Award (Served as a Treasurer)

  1. 交通大學92年度第一學期績優導師獎
  2. 指導學生獲得2003交大電信系專題競賽特優獎 (第一名)  

    獲獎學生: 王俊傑 論文題目:  A Rate Adaptive PPM Based UWB System Using Variable Pulse Repetition Frequencies and Transmit Diversity schemes


  3. 指導學生獲得2003交大電信系專題競賽佳作獎

    獲獎學生: 林宜德論文題目: A parity-bit Based Rate Adaptation Scheme for the IEEE 802.11a Wireless LANs


  4. 指導學生獲得2002交大電信系專題競賽優等獎 (第二名) (第一名從缺)

    獲獎學生: 蔣名駿 論文題目: WIreless Network Dynamic Simulation Platform (WINDSP) in the Micro-cell Environment


  5. 指導學生獲得2001交大電信系專題競賽特優獎(第一名)

    獲獎學生: 陳磊 論文題目: Performance Enhancement on Soft Handover Algorithms in WCDMA Cellular System